Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teacher In My Bed

I had any incident of mine to share,but luck was with me which I have it here to share with u my friends this happened a week pursuing my graduation here in an obese guy height 6.1.,I didn't indulge myself in any things like smoking etc but a book worm in CLG n at leisure used to read stories here.
The story am going to pen down is my real one with my teacher and a best friend too.her name is Sneha(changed) . she is my favorite madam, whom m really close with she is 27 of age don't know her figure(sorry) Though her face was light dark, she had sometimes appeared sexy .I had always loved her face and I adored her. Although she was a typical girl, her face was nothing less than any sexy queen. .she concentrated only on our studies in clg but v used to hang out n talk on phone too. Many boys had tried.but in vain to get her as their friend.

Once when were in CCD after clg,I invited her to my flat where I lived alone though I didn't expect that she would come. But she came. It was an evening and I was all at sea that I'd never been with a girl alone in that situation. As I was serving her tea and the snacks, a strange feeling passed through my nerves! It was kind of electricity! Somewhat of a sexual desire? But her personality was such splendid that I could not even think of it! So I was fine guy but my legs were shivering. But from that day on I'd slight sexual Feelings towards her, I guess.

I started to look at her breast and buttock and try to get a look of cleavage and deliberately touched somewhere of her body. And I still don't know whether she knew or not.but one day she herself switched to sex talks on happened once or twice where she asked me “do you want me?"I said yes but due to exams Days passed,then last Sunday on 27dec,I asked her when we were at a café without any deep thought that if she would like to spend that a day or two with me on a trip.

That sounded a bit different that she could catch what I really meant. I don't remember exactly what we were speaking about then and how I managed ask that. I repeated it “do you think you would be fine." I was really trembling. She smiled and said something. I couldn't look at her face and I was reading some old messages in my mobile and try to change the subject. When we were walking along the road she said “I guess" she said. “Guess!! What?" I asked..den she agreed.

On 29 We had come to calicut(kerala) as v had a farm house there n keys were with me. I was aware of the sexuality I was exuding. I am tall and but fat with long legs.v had reached our farm house n that evening v were on was a silent place far from city.madam was sitting there wearing a top so tight that the shape of her brassiere and the rise of her pink nipples were clearly visible.seeing that I asked madam that shall I have u today but will u guide me? As I knew nothing.

Naaji today I want to get fucked you diff poses," she said and squeezed my thighs through my trouser. I shivered and asked “How?" she said “simple is, push me on my back and mount and make me your you fuck girl,Are you going to talk or should we start?" As madam headed towards downstairs I stopped and pushed her against the wall. Before she could react my lips were on her sucking them hard and my hands were kneading her tits trying to rip the top off.she pushed my hands away and pulled her tight top over her head. In the light,the moon shaped breasts secured in a lacy pink bra were looking sexy.I ripped her bra off and I stepped out of my trousers."

Boy your big". Slowly she too pulled her trousers and panties down and stood naked in front of me.i was stunned to see my first naked lady of my life.i pulled my undies down and she was like “my" at the sight of my pole which was like a rod in the faint d time v reached in the hall i pushed her against the wall and raised her right thigh.she spread her legs apart and gave me space to put my dick.she used her fingers to push it against her pussy lips.

Her pussy was by now flowing quite freely.she sighed and bit my shoulder hard as i finally pushed it inside and gave a huge thrust.oo maaa mar gayi,"she cooed and shouted to do me slower. I cupped her tits and started to knead them in circular motion and started to pump slowly in and out.n I wasn't believing that m hearing d moans n dirty things which I only read in stories here..i cum early first but later continued.

Our sex went on for a long time. after some time i gave her support with hands beneath her buttocks and asked her to hold my waist with her legs.she put her legs around my ass and crossed her ankles behind me.she was now suspended in air reaching down only to be impaled on my thick hard shaft.i was sucking on her nipples alternately to stop in between.

V didn't talk a word in between.

She was scratching my back and living the marks of her own nails were dug in her plump buttocks as the intensity balls almost were hitting her thighs repeatedly.she was giving out little sighs and calling me my dear(as she uses always to call me)..After some time she rested her back against the wall and raised her buttocks high in air,i brought her down on my shaft with all the force and she said that she felt almost as if she was stabbed in stomach with his dick. she cried and dug her nails in my back and bit my shoulder.

I gave 2 hard slaps on her butt and released my load in huge in her wet sticky pussy. Her hungry pussy drank every drop of legs and back were paining due to standing for a long time I straightened her legs and she looked me in the eyes.i don't know at happened to me I said sorry to madam n later it was dark v got fresh,went out had dinner and at night v enjoyed and she warned me to call her by name but aadat se majboor tha so abi bi madam hi bulata hun...v returned on 1jan on Friday..v had good time there.

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